Kevin Rudd on The Conversation Hour with Jon Faine

The Conversation Hour: Kevin Rudd

Jon Faine’s only guest for the hour is The Hon Kevin Rudd, former Prime Minister (2007-2010, 2013) and Foreign Minister (2010-2012). He has just published the second volume of his memoirs, The PM Years (Macmillan).

Kevin Rudd is:

  • President, Asia Society Policy Institute, New York
  • Chair, International Peace Institute, New York
  • Senior Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School
  • Honorary Professor, Peking University
  • Advisory Board member, Schwarzman Scholars program, Tsinghua University, Beijing
  • Distinguished Fellow, Chatham House, London
  • Distinguished Statesman, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington
  • Distinguished Fellow, Paulson Institute, Chicago
  • Co-chair, World Economic Forum’s China Global Affairs Council
  • Member, Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organisation’s Group of Eminent Persons
  • Chair, Sanitation and Water for All
  • Founder, Australian National Apology Foundation
  • Former Chair, Independent Commission on Multilateralism