Statement from the Hon. Kevin Rudd in response to ABC report

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 1 FEBRUARY 2018

 The report by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) alleging I ignored warnings on risks to the safety of installers of home insulation is a lie.

First, the cabinet document referred to by the ABC was given to and considered by the Royal Commission into the Home Insulation Program by the Abbott Government in 2014. Therefore, this is not a new document. Abbott gave all my government’s cabinet documents to the Royal Commission on the Home Insulation Program, against the advice of the Prime Minister’s department and the Australian Government Solicitor. And having seen this document, and all other relevant cabinet papers, the Royal Commission concluded that there was no finding to be made against me, and in fact that while serving as Prime Minister “there was no warning given of the very many problems with the program” (p.271 of the final report).

Second, the risks referred to in the cabinet document used in the ABC report refer to financial and administrative risks to the program for the Commonwealth, not safety risks to workers.

The ABC was told of these facts before publication.

For these reasons, legal proceedings against the Australian Broadcasting Corporation have now commenced.