Kevin Rudd warns of Trump, trade risk in Asia

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Originally published in the Australian Financial Review, 12 September 2017 Former prime minister Kevin Rudd says the Asia-Pacific can no longer take for granted fast economic growth and ongoing peace, as uncertainty about US President Donald Trump’s commitment to the region and an international backlash against globalisation take their toll. Mr Rudd argues in a […]

Kevin Rudd on Buzzfeed: Aung San Suu Kyi Faces An Almost Impossible Dilemma. Don’t Give Up On Her.

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By Kevin Rudd and Janelle Saffin Originall published on Buzzfeed, 10 September 2017 Former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd says now is not the time to walk away from Myanmar’s fragile democracy. In 2011, I traveled to Myanmar for the first time. I was then Foreign Minister of Australia, and was convinced that engaging Myanmar […]

Kevin Rudd in SMH: “War drums pound, but diplomacy can still succeed”

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Originally published in the Sydney Morning Herald – 6 September 2017 Having followed closely the events on the Korean Peninsula for the better part of 35 years, I believe the prospect of a Second Korean War remains highly unlikely. The reality is that it has now become an increasing possibility, but not a probability. Until recently most analysts […]

Kevin Rudd on RN: North Korea, US-China, the Anzus Treaty and missile defence

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Kevin Rudd interview on Radio National Breakfast with Fran Kelly – 13 August 2017 FRAN KELLY: Chinese President Xi Jinping has joined other world leaders in urging restraint amid the rapidly escalating tensions between the US and North Korea. President Xi spoke with Donald Trump over the weekend, just hours after the President tweeted that the […]

Kevin Rudd in Financial Times: “Creative diplomacy is vital to defuse Korean crisis”

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By Kevin Rudd Originally published in the Financial Times – 11 August 2017 It would be wrong to assume China would stand by if peninsula fell into conflict. In his acclaimed book The Sleepwalkers, Christopher Clark wrote about how the great powers of 1914 stumbled into a pan-European war that not only destroyed much of […]