Kevin Rudd in Financial Times: “Creative diplomacy is vital to defuse Korean crisis”

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By Kevin Rudd Originally published in the Financial Times – 11 August 2017 It would be wrong to assume China would stand by if peninsula fell into conflict. In his acclaimed book The Sleepwalkers, Christopher Clark wrote about how the great powers of 1914 stumbled into a pan-European war that not only destroyed much of […]

It’s time for a new Labor Reform Movement

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When I was elected as Labor leader 10 years ago, it was against the concerted opposition of the most powerful union-based factions of the party. And this came 40 years after Whitlam’s famous confrontation with the faceless, factional men of the party’s federal executive. Yet 50 years after Whitlam’s reforms, the power of these factions […]

Kevin Rudd: How should the world engage Trump? Here are my thoughts.

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Politics in western democratic politics is a wild ride these days. There’s a big reason for this. The Reagan-Thatcher economic revolution 35 years ago, anchored in de-regulation, privatisation, free markets at home, free trade and investment abroad, “trickle-down” for the working and middle classes, and the globalisation of everything, has now come to a shuddering […]

Securing the UN’s Future

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Originally published: Project Syndicate. 1 September 2016. SHANGHAI – As the existing international order becomes more fragmented, strong global-governance institutions are crucial for addressing the world’s strategic, economic, and sustainability challenges. And yet rarely have our existing institutions – including, above all, the United Nations – been frailer. The UN is not broken, but it […]