Fact Check

  • ANOTHER MURDOCH TABLOID WHOPPER 6 February 2017 - With all the recent coverage of Turnbull’s telephone encounter with Trump, I missed a story run on 1 February 2017 on page one of Murdoch’s Daily Telegraph which friends have just drawn to my attention. It alleged that in 2010 as Prime Minister I imposed “the same type of visa bans” as President Trump has […]
  • More Murdoch Mis-reporting, led by the Brisbane Courier Fail. 16 January 2017 - The Murdoch tabloids, led by the #CourierFail in Brisbane, allege my office improperly ordered stationery to support a UN bid. Wrong again. But never let the facts get in the road of a good “story”. This is in today’s edition of the Courier Mail and the Sydney Daily telegraph. (Link) Here are the facts: 1 […]
  • Malcolm Turnbull has sunk to a new low with refugee folly 2 November 2016 - By Kevin Rudd. Originally published in Fairfax, 2 November 2016. Mr. Turnbull, in his twelve months in office, has now repudiated virtually everything he once stood for. He has done this because he has concluded that in order to hang onto his job, after his near-death experience in the July election, he must now appease […]
  • Kevin Rudd tells all on stoush with Turnbull over UN job 5 August 2016 - By Paul Kelly and Pamela Williams. The Australian Kevin Rudd has revealed key ­details of four meetings with Malcolm Turnbull last year when he was encouraged in his global campaign to become UN secretary-general and accuses the Prime Minister of a breach of good faith and trust. Mr Rudd reveals in an exclusive interview that […]
  • Kevin Rudd releases letters claiming Malcolm Turnbull backed him for UNSG job 30 July 2016 - Please click to read article on the ABC News website
  • STATEMENT: UNSG 29 July 2016 - STATEMENT Mr Rudd thanks Foreign Minister Bishop, and her many Cabinet colleagues for their consideration of and support for his candidacy for United Nations Secretary General. It would have been the first time in the United Nation’s 70 year history that Australia offered a candidate for UN Secretary General. It would have reflected well on […]