A week to go in the Horn of Africa’s Dollar for Dollar Appeal

In two months, the Australian public has contributed over $6 million, and brought the Horn of Africa appeal to more than $12 million, in a nation-wide effort to help people starving in Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti.

The Australian Government’s Dollar for Dollar initiative matches every donation to participating Australian non-government aid agencies til the end of November — making twice the difference for every dollar donated.

The Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd said lives are being saved across the Horn of Africa, with food rations provided to over a million families who would otherwise have nothing to eat.

“The provision of clean water, sanitation and vaccinations is helping to prevent diseases like cholera, malaria and measles. Hundreds of thousands of malnourished children are being saved through nutritious food supplements.

“However, more than 13 million people are still in need of urgent humanitarian aid. Across southern Somalia, an estimated 336,000 children under five are acutely malnourished and nearly half could die within weeks,” said Mr Rudd.

“And for one more week, your donation will be matched by the Australian Government.

“Where your $5 would normally feed one family — it is now feeding two. Where $50 was supplying water to 500 people for four days, Australia is now helping 1000 people. And $75 that would provide food to 150 children suffering from severe malnutrition is saving the lives of 300 children,” Mr Rudd said.

The donations build on the Australian Government’s commitment of $128 million to the Horn of Africa, which includes $98 million in humanitarian assistance and $30 million to support the region’s long-term food security.

“I encourage everyone to take advantage of the Government’s offer to match every dollar donated before 30 November,” Mr Rudd said.

Australians wanting to help can get more information from the AusAID website.

Source: https://foreignminister.gov.au/releases/Pages/2011/kr_mr_111123.aspx?w=GYLX0mNSz4nLQKYuPOSgLQ%3D%3D