Vale Duncan Pegg MP

With Duncan Pegg, Premier Palaszczuk and others at his community farewell in Sunnybank in May 2021.

They don’t make local representatives more decent than Duncan Pegg.

Duncan wasn’t lured into political life by ego or material gain; his overriding ambition was to improve the lives of the people he served. Beneath his softly spoken exterior beat the heart of a first-class fighter, driven by his commitment to tolerance, equity and justice for all.

I knew Duncan for most of his life. As a young activist, Duncan joined my team in the federal seat of Griffith to help defend fairness and multiculturalism against the rising forces of injustice and Hansonism.

Over the past decade, it’s been my honour to return the favour by campaigning alongside Duncan for election and re-election to the seat of Stretton in the Queensland Parliament.

The communities of Stretton love Duncan dearly and recognise him as a man of authenticity, integrity and compassion. When I speak to members of the Chinese community on the southside, they sing Duncan’s praises.

Even when Duncan was in the fight of his life against cancer, he poured every ounce of available strength into fighting for his community. It’s not hard to find someone in Stretton whose life was personally improved by Duncan’s advocacy.

When I went to visit Duncan at the Canossa Hospital last week, we had a long conversation about his life and contribution to local community. Duncan was enormously proud of what he’d achieved for his local schools. He was also proud and passionate about the deep bonds he had forged with his local multicultural communities. And he wanted, in particular, to be remembered to them.

To lose Duncan at such a young age is a profound loss for the southside of Brisbane, for the parliament and for Queensland as a whole.