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Kevin Rudd has always been an internationalist and global citizen, from co-founding the modern G20 Summit to address the Global Financial Crisis, to successfully lobbying to have Australia sit on the UN Security Council.

As Chair of the Independent Commission on Multilateralism, Kevin has led numerous consultations and published several reports on the state and future of international policy, and in 2016 he released the ICM Chair's report looking at whether the United Nations remains fit for purpose.

International Cooperation


Kevin Rudd has spent most of his professional life, in one capacity or another, engaged on the core question of Asia and its engagement with Australia and the world.

As Australia's Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, Asia's growth was one of his central policy preoccupations.

Australia was ASEAN’s first external dialogue partner. Australian diplomacy was at the forefront in the establishment of the ASEAN Regional Forum. This was the same with APEC. Australia was also a foundation member of the East Asia Summit and Kevin Rudd's diplomacy drove the expansion of the EAS to include both the United States and Russia.

Asia and the World

Asia and the World

As Prime Minister of Australia and in his many capacities since, Kevin has been at the forefront of many international summits dealing with the global threat of terrorism.

Kevin understands that effective responses to terrorism must include the active collaboration of international security and intelligence services, acting on terrorist financing, as well as dealing with some of its basic causes including improved education and employment opportunities.

This was very much reflected in Australian policies when Kevin was in office, and his actions since.



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Kevin comes from the driest inhabited continent on earth, and has long been passionate about climate change.

His first act as Prime Minister was the ratification of the Kyoto Protocol, and he also twice attempted to legislate for a National Carbon Trading Scheme in the face of vehement political opposition in the Australian Senate.

Kevin has remained globally engaged on climate change since leaving office, speaking at the Climate Change Conference in Paris; convening an independent policy commission on carbon trading in Northern East Asia; as well as speaking extensively around the world encouraging governments to take action.

Climate Change


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Kevin in all facets of his life and work has striven to ensure gender equality for women.

As Australian Prime Minister Kevin had more women in his Cabinet than any other Australian Government in history.

He also introduced Australia’s first paid parental leave scheme and a 50 per cent child care rebate that helped improve the participation of women in the workforce.

Kevin is absolutely committed to working towards gender equality, and is not interested in political rhetoric unless it is accompanied by real measures that work on the ground.

Gender Equality


Kevin believes that sanitation, water and hygiene are basic human rights.

His recent appointment as Chair of Sanitation and Water for All (SWA) enables him to further deploy his skills, experience, and global expertise to solving this fundamental, yet widespread, challenge to humanity.

SWA is a global partnership working towards universal access to safe water and adequate sanitation.

It is supported by UNICEF and Kevin believes it can be a real force for positive change in delivering this basic human right to everyone everywhere.

Water and Sanitation

Water and

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Kevin is a tireless fighter for equal rights and justice for every individual.

His National Apology to the Stolen Generations is a landmark statement, both in Australia and around the world. More importantly, Kevin then established the National Closing the Gap Strategy, and he has also established his own National Apology Foundation for Indigenous Australians to further the work on Indigenous reconciliation.

He continues to fight against racism, sexual discrimination, and for greater justice around the world.

Equality and Justice

Equality and

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PM in discussion with Sir Humphrey. Good to be with fmr Sec of PM&C Moran on big policy challenges facing Oz & whether we have the national “bandwidth” to sustain this debate intelligently for the country’s future. China. Climate. Inclusive capitalism.
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Sad to see the passing of Sam Chisholm, a leading advocate of the work of the National Organ and Tissue Authority we established together back in 2009. His was a great contribution to work saving the lives of thousands of Australians. @DonateLifeToday #DonateLife https://t.co/sHiGzqzuCC MrKRudd photo
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Australia’s leading right-wing wing-nut, Andrew Bolt challenges Jenny Macklin in Murdoch Media to name indigenous families who’ve had children stolen. Bolt’s readership must be down. Andrew, lady in the photo is Nana Feejo, stolen aged 5. Macklin a great minister. Bolt an idiot. https://t.co/ljVKXw9ItW MrKRudd photo